The Oldest Professional—Karen de la Carriere

Evidence of the depths to which Leah Remini and Mike Rinder would sink to fabricate a “story” was a segment that appeared on the A&E series only once in an informal interview-style episode. It was pulled from the show and for good cause.

The source of the controversial piece was Karen de la Carriere and the sudden disappearance of the episode had to do with a legal letter received by A&E attorneys. While the cameras rolled, Remini and Rinder had egged on anti-Scientologist de la Carriere as she grossly distorted and misrepresented the facts of an incident that had occurred.

When producers received a letter from an attorney on behalf of the individuals involved, the network quietly removed that segment from any reairing, based on de la Carriere’s lack of credibility.

A&E and Remini and Rinder already knew what they were dealing with in de la Carriere, and they ignored it. The Church had provided evidence including a 2015 Los Angeles Superior Court ruling that shattered the credibility of de la Carriere and her husband, Jeffrey Augustine.

When de la Carriere wanted to buy a house in 1998 that she could not afford, she turned to one of her well-heeled lovers who was also her accountant. He loaned her the money and gave her an additional five-year extension when she was unable to repay it in 2003. When the relationship ended and he demanded full repayment, she sued, charging him with forging her notarized signature on the promissory note.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michael Johnson ruled that de la Carriere’s claim was completely false and cited numerous examples of hers and Augustine’s lack of truthfulness and credibility: “…untruthful, about many aspects of the case—presenting testimony that was false, conflicting, exaggerated and evasive”; “Carriere’s evidence…is not credible and has been rejected”; “Carriere has tried to back away from this admission, but her testimony is not credible”; “At trial, even Carriere begrudgingly admitted that the signature was hers. Carriere’s charge that [the accountant] had forged her signature was reckless and desperate, and it is illustrative of why the Court has so little confidence in what Carriere has said.”

De la Carriere has lived a lifetime of depravity and deceit. At age 18, she found employment as a croupier and “hostess” at the Victoria Sporting Club, a London gentleman’s club, and changed her name to Karen de la Carriere. She bragged to a friend that she had been with as many as 1,000 men in that decade of her life, including becoming the mistress of a British politician who set her up in her own flat with a generous allowance in exchange for her services.

She later attempted to reform and joined the Church of Scientology. When de la Carriere was expelled from the Church for continuous violations of the moral standards required of a Scientologist, she reverted to her former lifestyle and profession.

Well into her 50s, she tried a comeback, beginning with plastic surgery, a catalogue of seminude photoshopped photos, and email solicitations to potential clients as “Snow Suzy,” with price lists and photos. She advertised herself as a 30-something woman seeking a “mistress relationship” with a 45+ man who was “very successful, an achiever, affluent and generous.” The comeback was short-lived.

Now in her 70s, de la Carriere churns out hysterical rants to tabloids, primarily to internet troll Tony Ortega she bankrolls in exchange for posting her “tips.”

Well into her 50s, she tried a comeback, beginning with plastic surgery, a catalogue of seminude photoshopped photos, and email solicitations to potential clients as “Snow Suzy,” with price lists and photos.

Still bitter and vindictive decades after being dismissed from the Church, and subsequently expelled for continuously posting hate speech against the religion, she will say anything and falsely “corroborate” anything, no matter how absurd, that attacks Scientology.

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